It’s Resolution Day! No Excuses!

Happy July! Time for a new resolution. What did you pick?

This is “No Excuses Month” in the Resolution Revolution.  It’s usually pretty easy to find a reason why you can’t do something, especially if you find it difficult or unpleasant sometimes. But the good news is that you can usually find a way around your obstacles with just a little resourcefulness. Today’s blog entry was in danger of being cancelled due to no power (and no internet) at my house. But I really want to keep my momentum going and not give in to excuses. So here I am at a local book store enjoying air conditioning and internet access, and blogging on my phone. Oh yeah, and hoping I can get access to one of the few electrical outlets soon, since the phone is my last link to the world and is about to die.

My point is that, instead of saying, “Oh, well!” and using the circumstances as an excuse, you can instead find alternatives and still accomplish your task.

So this month as you are working on your new July resolution, accept no excuses.  Be resourceful and determined, and stay tuned for support and accountability.


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