Technology: Servant or Master?

Still without electricity here, and really appreciating how much more convenient life is when we have it. This reminds me of one of the Minimal Effort ™ rules: Use technology as a servant, not a master.

Your workload can be lighter and your outlook happier when you make good use of available technology, but don’t become a slave to your gadgets. If you can’t get through dinner without your phone or get ready for your day without your TV, you may want to consider your dependence on your gadgets and whether you are the master or the slave.

This could even be the source of a new resolution for you. It’s not too late to join the Resolution Revolution and choose a great new habit to build in July.

If you do, I’d love to hear from you. What’s your July resolution? Post it here and get help, support and accountability.

Now if only my power would come back on…


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