Pets Teach Good Habits

Here’s something a bit lighter for you today. It’s about cats, but if you’re a dog person it mostly applies to you too.  I’m now convinced that being a pet “Mom” or “Dad” is a good thing in many ways, for the human, the pet, and the world in general.  Here’s one of the reasons I’m so convinced:

This assumes, of course, that you’re a reasonably decent person who cares about others and doesn’t abuse, neglect, or otherwise mistreat the animals and people in your life.  I’m seriously considering making pet ownership (with the result of a healthy, happy pet) a requirement for the next guy I date.

If nothing else, you should click the link to see the adorable picture of the author’s two cats.  Enjoy!



Chocolate For Your Skin! No, Really!

Chocolate Facial

This is totally unrelated to anything else I’ve put in this blog so far, but it’s… well, it’s CHOCOLATE!  And it’s good for you! How can you resist, now really?  When I saw it I decided to share.  Click below to see this sweet tip:

Household Magic DAILY TIPS.

This must really smell great!  I can imagine 15 minutes of chocolate scent going directly from skin to nearby nostrils — oh how heavenly!  Although the mixture would be edible, without sugar it won’t taste all that great.  Of course, I’m not stopping you from making it into a “sugar scrub” (wink, wink).  Enjoy!


Happier Means More Productive

A Minimal Effort ™ life includes happiness at work. I ran across this article and just had to share it:

Getting Resistance? Great!


You must have encountered it on a beach at some point — two kinds of sand. There is the dry, soft sand and the wet, firm sand. As you probably know, it’s a lot easier to walk on the firm sand. Life can be like this too. When you find yourself in a situation where things are very forgiving and flexible, you may think that’s a good thing, but be aware of your progress toward your goal. You may be moving much more slowly and with more difficulty than you would if you had a firmer, less forgiving environment. And when you seem to be getting a lot of resistance, think about that firm sand and remember how useful a firm, resistant environment can be. It’s probably just the thing you need to push against in order to launch yourself in the right direction.

More Now, Less Later

Getting ready for a vacation this week reminded me of the Minimal Effort(tm) rule: More now, less later. It seems to always happen this way; the week before a trip is busy not only with the preparations for the trip, but also with extra work and chores and complications that don’t happen in a typical week. For some reason, the universe seems to think it is necessary for me to be completely exhausted and burned out in order to fully appreciate my vacation. I assure you, universe, I am quite capable of enjoying my vacation without the extra drama and stress beforehand!

However, there are a lot of cases in life when some extra effort early on can save you considerable effort in the long run. For example, it may take some time, effort, and considerable thought to implement a filing or other organization system, but if you consider how much time, effort, and frustration it will save you from now on, that initial effort is well worth it.

And so it has been for my vacation. A lot of extra effort initially means I am feeling very relaxed and ready for fun, knowing that I accomplished many great things last week and have taken care of anything that may have kept me worrying this week. I wish you many Minimal Effort(tm) weeks like mine — calm and proud of your accomplishments. One way to get there is with extra effort up front.